The Super Charged AI Assistant Your Business Always Wanted.

Merlo 2.0 is a purpose-built autonomous AI agent platform for modern businesses. Designed to work alongside your team or independently, Merlo is capable of handling almost any task within a business operation.

We configured Merlo for IT Help Desk

While Merlo AI can be trained and configured to take on almost any role within your business, we recently configured Merlo AI to look after IT help desk.

Merlo AI is just like another team member in your team; you can either message him on Teams or send an email, and he will get the job done faster, better and cheaper.

While human workers are great, AI agents can be a great support crew to help them achieve new levels of productivity. Merlo AI can be a great alternative if you’re a business that relies on external contractors or virtual assistants.

Merlo AI is designed to work with your internal business systems, whether it is off the shelf or custom built, we can integrate Merlo AI.

Seamlessly connecting to both off-the-shelf and bespoke systems, Merlo AI ensures a smooth integration process. Our platform is engineered for compatibility, facilitating a straightforward incorporation into your existing infrastructure. This means enhanced functionality with minimal disruption, allowing you to leverage AI efficiencies without overhauling your current systems.

Merlo AI, Your AI Workforce for Your Business

Merlo AI transcends the boundaries of conventional chatbots by embodying the role of an AI employee capable of working alongside your team or autonomously handling tasks and processes. Designed for flexibility and deep integration, Merlo AI is not just about interaction – it’s about action and results.

Available 24/7

Merlo doesn’t need breaks, it is designed to support your customers with their needs around the clock.

Multiply Productivity

Merlo AI agents can accomplish tasks faster and with high accuracy, multiplying your business productivity.

Connect to Business Systems

Merlo AI agents can connect to your business systems through APIs securely and get things done faster and more accurately than their human counterparts.

Answer Questions

Help employees and users find the right information to their questions based on topics, legislation or your internal data.

Perform Tasks

Train Merlo AI agents to perform almost any task within the business to get the job done faster.

Elevate Your Business with an AI Workforce

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and innovation by integrating Merlo AI into your operations. Let automation and intelligent assistance propel your business forward, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

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